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Mathews Harley-Davidson through the Years!


Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting to the new showroom and museum, August 2012!

Mathews Harley Davidson through the Years!

inline_y04337de2cb6467e9c2ff116b8bbb831_c82b969ba7df.jpgHarold and Eva Mathews, 1971! 1st year of the FX1200 Super Glide (Boat Tail)!inline_g43dd1f6fb14328dc5855d1a8975406b_8af62166a406.jpgHarold Mathews with the Blue Angels!inline_d03d1a5809a4663afe6897259a459ab7_49f01c298f15.jpgMission Accomplished!! After years of planning, our new showroom and museum opened in August of 2012!inline_d9c8f5943a42a8189ef887dc274c098d_190bd0f6175e.jpgHarold and Eva's great grandchildren! Feeling very comfortable at the dealership at such a young age!inline_n0814145ef743bb10c767e8fff4bd645_c71ca25db3ff.jpgHarold and Eva Mathews with their son, Sam Mathews, celebrate the dealership's 40 year anniversary in 1993!inline_q48ffb9361517f4784d6d2de8146286e_dea5d63e8040.jpgPost cards sent out, announcing the dealership move in 1961 from Merced to Blackstone Ave. in Fresno, where the dealership remains today!inline_b49b8addfcf5d6abe42b91412c757f35_f618e87d86d0.jpgHarold Mathews making memories with granddaughter, Melinda!!inline_l10297481928ed4ac653da5d58d51e34_b6c341055e38.jpgHarold Mathews wrapping up another day in 1993!inline_b7e8d746f9c44974c724597f86aaca98_16bdc84643e0.jpgThe Mathews family proudly supports our troops!inline_p1e6d39e660d057f1bd2873379ddc24a_4721e80ed844.jpgMelissa checking out the exciting new Harley-Davidson Livewire Electric Prototype Motorcycle!inline_g4d80d60d316b2b03f90e713c9087d37_9ed9a28d33b4.jpgCara Mathews on her Harley-Davidson!inline_sd3a3aac3712700571f164c533c120bc_30efc3c89a25.jpgGreat Grandson, Maverick hard at work in the shop!inline_mbe526ac3fc4d5dd51c53bab3e00ce0f_a01bb4e571b0.jpgMathews Harley Davidson Storefront on Blackstone Ave. in 1962inline_jbd632192f7926c7ea8add7e9aa2cef3_b65f762ac3c0.jpgSam and Cara (5+ months pregnant with Melinda) riding to Hawthorne, Nevada, on the Nor-Cal Ride, now known as Street Vibrations! inline_v0875b0853a91181b4eded6c30eaa6bd_68b5e7f9cbd7.jpgHarold and Eva's granddaughter, Melissa, at age 3 1/2 on her first "Harley-Davidson"inline_s1d7802572547815e046dd0995d0dacc_a1b14ee7cfc5.jpgHarold and Eva Mathews smiling after a hill climb victory!inline_b2134c127215e2f35f1edd989a9bc269_2c00a5c3a168.jpgHarold Mathews' Great Granddaughter, baby Colie, happy as can be in the shop!inline_bee54bde373cecc2f032f582c60ff2a2_c5993e203cac.jpgHarold and Eva Mathews in the Showroom in the early 90'sinline_a7f4d763824d45749d510aa7152072b3_5d96d9629f30.jpgThe Mathews Family in Milwaukee, WI for the tribute ride in honor of Harold Mathews! inline_bebbf462ea8598aaa4a05f764dd9c1ad_d71c7f7349b3.jpgGreat Granddaughter, Colie, preoccupied while family works the parts counterinline_mc7490d6aa6b4d9fd23dc6555295287c_9ab2e48311eb.jpgHarold Mathews in his younger yearsinline_c5e6556dccceec96fdf870ffc65f18ad_dc861228e413.jpgMathews first storefront in Merced, CA.inline_tad07e688eb33aa3f2317213ba114c14_2f98e75049ff.jpgThe Mathews Harley-Davidson Showroom in 1971!inline_v364fb40be1282e90d8cff15b2159bf7_d1d6ffc01020.jpgMrs. Eva Mathews, in her words, "pushing a pen" in the office.inline_cca587c8d9f19d5160885ad49d17e1de_355dd3e01f52.jpgGranddaughter Melinda with her baby girl, Colie!inline_g788b96865d146d480197dd12f170b7e_48424e264218.jpgAn oldie, but  goodie, reflecting back to the first Mathews location in Merced, CA.. before we relocated to Blackstone Ave. in Fresno, CAinline_paa2d926a5ffd4174ee424f13e4979c7_f13565b73da8.jpgGreat Granddaughter, Maycie showing her Grandma some love at the dealership.inline_v910e463bb189b01ffda1d3c172c0b2f_bc67096fb510.jpgConstruction Excitement, circa 2012!!inline_z280c975b1a13f08d71f889b896a9fce_028cceea0cca.jpgColie hanging out with Uncle Mike, eating a doughnut, in the service department while Mom, Melinda helps customers in the showroom!inline_g38fdb293684a507301dd681ca8a0f77_9d39e48986a1.jpgThe photo is of Sam and Cara Mathews returning from the Nor-Cal ride (now known as Street Vibrations) when it was held in Carson City with headquarters being at The Nugget. Cara is showing that Sam left $700 back at the casino.inline_se91a63f8fdb1c40db6e6c17718040fe_878100d38ee7.jpgGreat Grandson, Kaden, getting messy in his Harley-Davidson Best!inline_da9538fb224cd181824025aedaaa6455_468c8d3e3e92.jpgHarold and Eva standing with son, Sam Mathews' 1972 XR750.  The XR750 dominated the dirt track when it was released in the 1970's, and this particular XR750 was raced by Sam on California tracks including the Ascot Park half mile, the San Jose Mile, and half miles at Tulare and Hanford in the mid-1970's.inline_db3b8e1a021c3e9b83ea583328bf90f8_9dae830f3980.jpgMaverick's bike of choice...  a "48"inline_r9471059393ca52445f5c57efad4fd0b_54d56d6d096d.jpgRiders gather at Mathews Harley-Davidson on a cool November morning, in the late 1990's, for customer appreciation HAM run!inline_a0fb47beb6b30deff82dd79980babf75_2c7a46f6bbd6.jpgHarold and Eva's son, Sam, started putting time into the dealership at a very young age!inline_ie8e2e01d7807049bad2c34f47c723b5_17c9e98afae0.jpgThe Mathews ladies enjoying an afternoon treat at the dealership.inline_neb3de78b313ee69a3f69cc14de1067d_40c73d5ae00f.jpgGroundbreaking Ceremony for the new and improved Mathews Harley Davidson Showroom and Museum, circa 2010!inline_q21e97a57b3d33ebee0b0a2915b8252b_43ba896c1ed0.jpgCara Mathews, proud grandmother of Colie (Melinda's daughter)inline_rfdb54283a97869e45b39a5c46590259_b073386e3883.jpgSam taking the 1939 Knucklehead for a spin around the neighborhood in 1980. Oldest of the Mathews girls, Melanie, wasn't going for it!inline_c0e18e540e85e7ba915b13a527d3e310_c6d0d66e7106.jpgSam Mathews with wife, Cara, and two of their daughters.inline_v011b5ab49ab80a653c626c836ebf16e_d81c17164423.jpgNow that's a nice line up!  Bikes all ready for sale outside the new showroom.inline_g7a369c000657a42c17d9c644505cac6_80f05d704599.jpgFour of Harold and Eva's great grandchildren get ready for the holidays at the dealership!inline_l500dbbcb29c65d0cc01fb5c8dae6bdb_bcfc20adedf9.jpgEva Mathews smiles as she checks out the construction progress on the new showroom and museum!inline_q1a90d6110641844dccd12bee888b993_516d7baadac7.jpgAfter a long day at kindergarten, Maycie volunteers for a stroller ride around the dealership with little cousin, Kaden!